Get Privacy With The Bedroom Vanity

Painting A Bedroom Vanity

Bedroom Vanity – For years, dressers or vanity were private rooms where ladies of French society were settled, combing and powdering his face. An elegant, sensual and sumptuously decorated space. The times have changed, and much, having a dressing table like the women of yesteryear is not available to anyone. But, having a private space to groom you is still a wish for many women.

In the new interior design, the bedroom vanity recovers their deserved importance. They modernize, they become more functional, but they also rescue decorative solutions from the past to adapt them to our present. Although more than one would like to enjoy a bath for her. The truth is that when we live as a couple, privacy is a bit reduced. If there is enough space, a good solution consists in dividing the bathroom into three differentiated zones. They are the lateral ones, reserved for individual use, and the central one, shared.

In a large central marble cube were the water area with a shower and a large free-standing bathtub. On both sides of this large volume, he and she had their own space. Hers conceived as a dressing table where you spend the time to pamper yourself. With ornamental details for bedroom vanity, warm tapestries, and an embroidered silk lining. His, more practical and orderly, with a sober and masculine geometric coating.

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