How To Update The Bathroom Accessories

The Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories – Updating bathroom accessories is a quick and less expensive way to give a bath of a face wash. Appliance upgrades will save the expense of paying a plumber to enter and replace more permanent fixtures such as bathtubs, showers, and toilets. Making some small changes can have a bigger impact when combined than one might initially think. Selecting carefully only two or three changes in the most used areas of any bathroom can give a different fresh perspective and appreciation of this area is too often taken for granted.

First tips to update the bathroom accessories are replace any light switch plates with cracked or smooth colors. Remove the old ones by simply loosening the upper and lower screws. Match and blend with the overall color scheme of the bathroom. Change the lighting fixtures. Check to see how the existing one is attached, the size of the base and the way it is mounted. Replace it by making sure you get a new one with the same base size. Increase the power of the lamps when possible to give brighter lighting.

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Change the shower head. Change fixing the old head with limited flexibility and spray direction for a newer hand model with a flexible hose. Replace the original old toilet seat and mounting cover. Install a wooden finishing ring and lid that adds a touch of elegance. Match the type of wood and the finish with the rest of the colors of the bathroom accessories. The last add mats to protect areas of intensive use. Put rubber or vinyl mats on the shower outlets and tubs next door. Use carpeted softer finished mats in front of the vanities.

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