Mix Style Of Dining Room Table And Chairs

The Range Dining Room Table And Chairs

Dining Room Table and Chairs – Mixing a dining table with chairs of different styles do not have to be a challenge. If you add to an existing set or purchase a mixed set purposely, using different styles of chairs can add a special touch to any dining room. This guide will show you how to choose pieces that allow you to get congratulations from the guests to dine in the years to come.

Whether mixing in folding chairs for a dinner or a wicker patio set for instinct, integrating a mixed dining room series is easy. First of all, choose the chairs around the house that are similar in height or shape so that already around the table the chairs. Create a test set around the dining room table and chairs. If some chairs have armrests and others do not mix the chairs so that all the other chairs have arms. This will help guests bump elbows on the table, as well as a more polished look.

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Look at the layout. Do any of the chairs stand out because they are larger or taller than the other pieces? Chairs that are larger in scale, or stand out from the rest, work best at each end of the table. At the ends of the table, there are no other pieces to compare the chairs for. If the chair is placed along the side of the table with the other styles. The differences between the dining room table and chairs style would be more noticeable.

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